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                                                 Soul Intentions?

           Victoria Bourque, Healer, Clairvoyant/Psychic 

What clients are saying about the work (it's good!).  

She's an amazing angel on Earth! book a session....you will not be disappointed! And will learn allot!! <3 

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I have posted a video that details more about the work...on my "more about the work" page.  Enjoy!

Victoria Bourque

Here's the trick...honestly. You just think you are at a vibration. Whether its good or bad. High or low. You just think it. And from there...you dance. - V. Bourque

Healer, Clairvoyant/Psychic/Medium, Angel Communicator, Empath and (Negative) Energy Remover, Positive Energy Restorer, Healing Sexual Abuse and Abuse of all Kinds, Inner Child Recovery, Grief Work, Past Life and Age Regression Work.  

Working In Person or Over The Phone! 

SPECIALIZING in clearing the way of "what's in the way" for you, so that the change you need/want in your life (even if you don't know what it is yet!) can come.  

What do I do?  I "listen" to you! (Your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body.)  And you do have something to say!!

Bring your questions because  I love to help you find the answers! When we work together, I connect energetically to your higher self. As an energy channel, I empath emotions, receive messages and am guided to relay the story to you on what we need to address and clear. As we work, I implement corrective measures to clear the negative conditions holding you back. The story will come because your guides already know why you are here to see me... and what you need help with. No matter where you have been in life and what internal or external issues surround you, we can clear the layers that need clearing to get you back on track and headed toward your desired outcome! 

Inner Child (Inner You) Work

I love working with the inner child ...either with the young...or all "grown up".   I can work with babies, children and adults to remove past hurts inflicted.   The inner child always tells the truth and I see them visually or they speak to me, they tell me that they are mad about or what hurt them or what they fear.   It is very real, this work, and accurate.  To hear the story relayed from the inner child... helps the grown up I work with to heal those pieces from within. The best work ever!!  I am so lucky to do what I do!


"Energy work" is a facilitator (me) connecting to (you) energetically (your higher self) and empathing your energy and stories that need resolving so you can move forward without the excess baggage of the past "weighing" on you.  By removing the weight of past experiences that still are affecting you, this changes your energetic vibration and  "lightens" your load so you can move beyond old stories and expectations of the same old thing....
 (patterns repeat...until you clear them).  Your perceptions change, your energy lifts and you feel more in charge of your life! 

In peace, we find the answers that turmoil does not bring.  Time to make peace!

This work is to release any negative beliefs about yourself or co-dependence on someone, something, or some form of negative thinking or behavior that may have resulted from an experience or upbringing, or any inherited (ingrained) belief systems or patterns you may still be enmeshed in (generational or lifetimes) that you may not "see" yet.   But you feel....

I truly love what I do and I look forward to working with you!

TESTIMONIALS!!  See many More on Testimonials Page!


Thank you so much for the work over the last several days Victoria!  You are an amazing healer & put your love & knowledge into your work 150 % I can't thank you enough, you have brought peace to the situation that I needed help & clarification with! Your an angel on earth! Many blessings. πŸ’œπŸ’™

Vicky, Words cannot express the absolutely magical experience that took place during our session! I have felt like something has been holding me back for quite sometime and after doing our work together I feel free again...like a huge weight was lifted! I was truly impressed by your skill and dedication to your craft. You put every ounce of your heart and soul into your work and you have a true gift. I feel blessed that I was able to do this work with you! I highly recommend Vicky to anyone who is looking to gain clarity and insight to harness your inner truth. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Vicky for helping me to heal and move forward in a positive direction with my life. -  Dover, NH

I can't say enough nice things about Vicki! Not only does she make you feel super comfortable, but she's almost a master healer. I learned so much about myself through her sessions and grew immensely. She helped me release old negative feelings and connect more spiritually. Not to mention, she makes the process fun! It's always exciting getting to go in for a session with Vicki. She has so many hidden talents and abilities that make the healing process really interesting. My car even broke down in her driveway once and I felt so bad but she was really kind about the whole thing. I would recommend her to anyone! - K. Brown

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I posted earlier this month on the New Moon and the wonderful gift of "being here", being present, living in the moment kind of thing. And REALLY feeling that. Grounded in the now is an absolutely awesome feeling.

When we are in our truth, the gift of life is in the "being here" and we can see it and acknowledge it. When we don't feel here, we can be depressed, anxious,and yes, have thoughts that seem hopeless and we may feel like just giving up. So with this acknowledgement to how hard life can be regardless of what is regarded on the outside as success by others...we all have things that cause us to go off track or off balance.. With that said, in the process of being here, we struggle at times with feeling not in charge of our life or have to deal with stress that manifests in many ways and changes our outlook.

Today's gift to you is a cross patterning exercise that is really to help pull together the left and right brain hemispheres. So your brain is working WITH you, not against or "going it alone" so-to-speak. When we are under stress, we tend to work out of left brain, and over time, this out of balance operation can cause us to loose sight of healthy. Going it alone...gets lonely.

Step 1 To do this great exercise, simply stand and bring the opposite hand to the opposite knee and do this about 3 or 4 times. This part of the exercise seems easier to do because it allows each hemisphere of the brain to work independently of each other.

Step 2 Now bring the same hand to the same knee and do this about 3 or 4 times also. Its kind of like marching in place but also bringing your hands in to touch the knee. I bet it feels a bit strange!

Now REPEAT Step 1 and do the cross touch 3 or 4 times.


This exercise is from Three in One Concepts. Thank you!

PS - I plan to do this as much as I can today!! We live in a stressed out world, and it can do a number! Try this exercise today and NAMASTE.

PPS - One Other Thing of Note: On all pictures I searched for today on left/right brain, they all show the left brain in black and white. As in... everything is black and white, there is no room to change here.....no way to get free of good/bad, right/wrong, etc. Life in general...can get pretty dark....if that is all you see. <3

Is Your HEALTH and WELLNESS Affected by the Toxic Energy of Anger - By Victoria Bourque

Years ago... I had a client, a successful businessman from Boston who came to me with an intense amount of anger. He had always been a good man, he had always done good business, and after the Boston Marathon bombing, he contributed coffee and food to the police and coast guard every single day to say thank you for what they were doing. When he came to see me he was angry because he had been cheated in a business deal and lost all his money, lost everything and he was angry and wanted to put the blame somewhere. Normally my sessions go for an hour or two tops but when he came I let him go on and on with his anger. He was mad at me for being a different kind of psychic. He always had worked with psychics that could just tell him his fortune... that's what all psychics did before for him! And here he was with me....talking about love and healing. He didn't see the connection. He felt ripped off. Someone was out to get him. Why him? Anyway I tolerated this for a long time during the session as I worked and I asked him to have patience with the work.. and the answers would come. About into hour three of our session... (trust me it was super toxic energy!)...there was a complete and utter removal of the Angry Cloud that was all over the place in my office, on him, all over me. It was simply removed. Poof! He felt it instantly...as did I. And when the shift came and he could feel for himself the difference between anger and peace. He was instantly humbled. And grateful. Because what he really wanted was not to be angry anymore. Not right or wrong or to have his money back or his business, but to not be in pain. He thanked me at the end of the session. I couldn't have been happier for him even though it was exhausting...and quite a rough session.It was worth it!! I did not hold resentment for him. I wished him well. I took a quite a long nap after that I have to assure you because energy is very strong and whatever you're in at the moment....so am I when I work. I wouldn't have it any other way. To be able to feel it and go there with someone...and bring them back...is priceless. <3 I would love to help you too. And the world would be a much better place with no more anger in it.  And it may improve your life and (health) in more ways than you could imagine!

PS I can help you with your pain, anger, grief, anxiety.  It's what I do.  <3